Skier’s Level

We offer trips for both skiers and snowboarders, you should be able to handle all off piste conditions well and comfortably.


All participants should be in good health. Be aware that high altitude can worsen health conditions quickly. Its advisable to have a check-up before the trip.


HHSG highly suggest to get a health, evacuation and travel cancellation insurance for unforeseen circumstances.

Inherent Risk

Skiing in general is a risk sport, and injuries are common. Heli Skiing adds a new dimension to these inherent risks. Although we will be providing maximum security for avalanche safety, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that this will not ever happen, nor can we guarantee that you will not be injured by simple skiing injury. Due to these uncontrollable hazards, HHSG will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries it was not directly responsible for. Before you are allowed to go skiing with us, you must sign a release form that clearly describes what HHSG will and will not be responsible for. We will send this form out to you prior to booking.