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Heliskiing in the Land of Fire and the Darwin Cordillera

Heliski Chile invites you to come heliski in the footsteps of Darwin, Magellan, Drake and the many others who were in search of the route to navigate their ships around the bottom of the world, and or like in Darwin’s case looking for clues that would eventually provide him with his theory as to how life began. Heliskiing in Tierra del Fuego isn’t just a heliski experience, its an adventure filled with history of the great explorers and their tales of native Indian’s of Tierra del Fuego, (land of fire) which Magellan named due to the native’s always having fires going at night. This area is unspoiled and pristine, its one of the more beautiful and scenic parts of the world, where glaciers flow into the sea. The wildlife is abundant, from right whales to killer whales, penguins, the majestic Andean condors, and many other species native to this special part of the world. Our lodge “Lakutaia” is located in Puerto Williams, which sits along the Beagle channel, and the last stop to Antarctica. Just minutes away from our lodge, is some excellent skiing with spectacular views as far as the eye can see. Straight across from us is Argentina and Ushuaia, north of us in the Darwin Cordillera, and south of us is the Cabo del Hornos (Cape Horn). All of these areas are accessible within minutes in our helicopter. We will begin the week skiing near the lodge and work our way up the Beagle channel to Hoste Island, where we have some of the best terrain and skiing in the area. The terrain is perfect for skiing and the snow is excellent, from powder to fresh windblown with a little soft powder on top, which makes for some of the best skiing conditions one could ever ask for. Should we ever have any down days we can cross the Beagle channel to Ushuaia Argentina and go skiing at Cerro Castor. This is the ski area the French Men’s Ski Team has been training at during their summer months for the past 10 years. For the non-skiers of the family, we have sailboat excursions up the Beagle channel to the Darwin Cordillera and the Avenue de Glaciers or for the more adventurous a sail boat trip down to the Cabo del Hornos and helicopter excursions. We also have horse back riding, kayaking, fishing, golf, mountain biking, and hiking with a naturalist who specializes in the flora and fauna of the area and an historian that will lecture on history of the region. All and all, it will be a great trip that the entire family can enjoy, and the children will learn about one of the more important discoveries of the new world and bold and great pioneers of the 14th and 15th century.

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