Khumbu area

The Everest region is another region we can heliski out of, but its more hit and miss due to the fact that valley in this region runs north to south which means we do not have the long north facing slope like the Annapurna region thus it doesn’t hold the snow as well. The other factor is that the valley is open to Tibet and India and if the winds kick up after a storm from India or Tibet, it can blow much of the snow away in the exposed areas, but just the same, there are several exposures which are protected by these winds and therefore we are sure we can always count on them holding enough snow for some good runs.
Also, just so you know the Everest region does and will get 1 to 2 meter storms every now and then and we’re just waiting for the day to be there when that happens, and when it does we will simply go nuts as to date we have only made 4 descents in the area, which means the place is prime to be opened up and in a big way.